Build Your Profile For IIMs/MBA (Download Sample CV Template)

how to build your profile for MBA
how to build your profile for MBA

Getting admission to top b-schools like IIM’s(Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, etc.), ISB, FMS, etc., is a long-awaited dream for many MBA aspirants. A strong profile is needed to get admission to top MBA colleges in India. There will be some parameters to design a strong profile. This article will discuss how to build your profile for MBA admission in top b-schools and see what certifications help to improve your MBA profile.

You can also check out this excellent video on steps to build a STRONG PROFILE for IIMs/MBA admissions by Sayali ma’am (CAT 99.97%iler) IIMA Alumni

One can also download a free sample resume template word for MBA admission. Click on the link given below to download a sample resume word document which you can customize as per your data.

Downlaod sample resume template

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Before going to see the profile building for MBA admission, let us see what difference between a resume and a CV.

Difference between a resume and a CV

Resume: A person’s summary profile that emphasises your academics, skills, experience, training, and achievements. Most probability of a resume could be a one to two pages that gives a simple background overview of a person.

CV (Curriculum Vitae): It is a full-length document of the history of your academic, experience and extra-curricular activities, whereas a resume is a two-page summary of your CV that highlights your skills and experience.

How To Build A Master Resume For MBA Admission

A master resume is complete data that you have done that includes your academics, skills, experience, training, achievements, extra-curricular activities, etc. Given below are the sections to be included in your master resume.

  1. Academic records
  2. Work experience
  3. Academic achievements
  4. Extra-curriculars achievements
  5. POR (position of responsibility)
  6. Interests

Academic Records

Gather all the certifications of your academics from your secondary education. Try to quantify all the certificates. Write the information about each academic that includes the institute’s name, percentage or grade that you got in all academics, respectively and try to have the position of your rank in that particular academic data.

Work Experience

Here in the section on work experience, one can include the name of the company or an organization, the project you are working on, the role in the project, commendation or any appreciation certification that you received, etc. This work experience section should reflect your managing skills or team leading skills, giving your profile more rate. One can also include the PPOs (Pre-Placement Offers) in your resume.

Academic achievements

The Academic achievements must be included to give the information regarding your focus and discipline on your work. If you have done any projects in your academic courses, try to include detailed information about the particular projects and the certifications that you got in the academic courses.

If you have passed exams of any professional courses like CFA (Level-1 or Level-2), FRM, etc., try to add the details about the exam you have given. You can also include the data regarding the competitions related to your undergraduation stream that you have attended. The projects and one can provide the details about the teaching assignments you gave in the final year of your under graduation.


At the time of admission process in some b-schools, they will consider your extra-curricular. So, it is essential to be included as one of the sections in your master resume. Try taking part in some activities like business plan competitions, and hospitality management during your under graduation, the certificates of that particular types of activities will help at the time of the summer placements in the MBA colleges.

If you don’t have any extra-curricular certificates, then you can go through the language certification which is very useful to have a strong profile.

POR (position of responsibility)

It is mandatory to have at least one POR (Position of Responsibility) on your resume after joining the top b-schools. It gives more value to your profile, and there will be more chances to get placements, especially in the marketing domain. It would be great if you added some positions like an elected position which gives a lot of value and also can include the organizing role in some events like college fest. This information reflects the level of involvement of your responsibilities.

We advise the aspirants to work in some social activities like teaching, awareness programmes, etc and have a certificate from such NGOs that can increase the quality of their profile even if it is a short period of work. Try to get a position of responsibility like an organizer or a manager.


This section is most helpful at the time of the interview because, in top MBA colleges, the interview might be focused on your interest at the time of the admission process. So, try to make a list of your interests and develop your knowledge for the sake of interviews. It will help you talk and have a discussion at the time of the interview, which gives an excellent impression to the interviewer. Try to get deep awareness of your interests, it will help you to crack the interview. It will reflect your determination and ability.

The admission process of top MBA colleges has been started and many of the students are converting to top b-schools like IIMs, ISB, FMS, etc, and you can also have a look at the below video about the waitlist movement of the top MBA colleges in India in detail.

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