A passage is given with 5 questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.

But before I could be inspired by these amazing people, I had to cleanse my feed. I know my weaknesses: just last week, Facebook memories reminded me of a pizza party I'd had two years ago and I ended up ordering a chicken dominator, with garlic breadsticks and an jalapeno cheese dip. So much for Day One of Couch to 5K training. I stayed right on that couch. So far I've unfollowed Buzzfeed Tasty, TasteMade (even their adorable Tiny Kitchen) and several people who have the enviable advantage of being able to eat as much as they want and not put on weight. By my calculations, dark chocolate is healthy, so I'm still following Earth Loaf, Pascati and Mason & Co.

When I finally found a gym I liked, with the best trainers I have had, I unabashedly shared my workouts every day. From shying away from full-length pictures, I reached a point where I could share videos of myself deadlifting and doing back squats with a barbell across my shoulders. It gave me accountability: I challenged myself to go to the gym for 30 classes straight, and I did it. Which reminds me, it's time to start a new challenge.

Question 99

What weight loss program has the writer enrolled in?

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