Question 94

In a business P. O and R invested ₹7,200,₹ 12,600 and ₹ 9,600 respectively. What is the share of R (in ₹) in a total profit of 6,860 ?



The ratio of investments of P,O and R is 7200:12600:9600.    

The standard ratio will be 12:21:16.

So for every profit of Rs.(12+21+16) , R will get Rs. 16.

i.e. So for every profit of Rs.49,R will get Rs. 16.

for Profit of Re 1, R will get Rs.(16/49)

For Profit of Rs 6860, R will get Rs. (16 /49 ) x 6860                                                  

                                             = Rs. 2240. Answer

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