In each of the following questions relationship between
different elements is shown in the statements. The statements are followed by two
Conclusions numbered I and II. Study the Conclusions based on the given
statements and select the appropriate answer.
a: if only Conclusion II is true
b: if only Conclusion I is true
c: if both the Conclusion I and Conclusion II are true
d: if either Conclusion I or Conclusion II is true
e: if neither Conclusion I nor Conclusion II is true

Question 93

Statements :
D < A < J
Conclusions :
I. T > D
II. R > S


$$D \leq A$$ and $$A \leq T$$, then D = A = T is a possibility. Hence, we cannot say D < T. Hence, Conclusion I does not follow.

As we cannot establish a relation between R and S, Conclusion II does not follow.

Hence, option E.

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