Study the given information carefully to answer the given questions. Six books — A, B, C, D, E and F, each of different thickness, are kept on a table. F is thicker than B but thinner than C. A is thinner than both B and E, but not thinnest. E is thinner than F The second thinnest book is 7cm thick and the second thickest book is 13cm thick. (Note: The thickness of all the books is in whole numbers.)

Question 83

If A is 2 cm thicker than D, then how thick is D ?


C>F>B, A<B, A<E
A is not the thinnest, thus D is the thinnest

This presents 2 possibilities :-
1. C > F(13 cm) > E > B > A(7cm) >D
2. C > F(13 cm) > B > E > A(7cm) >D

In both the cases, thickness of A is the same, i.e. 7cm. Hence thickness of D = 5cm.

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