SSC CGL 6 June 2019 Shift-3 Question 7

Question 7

Arrange the following words in a logical and meaningful order.
1. Cloud
2. Rainbow
3. Devastation
4. Rain
5. LowPressure
6. Flood


we have to arrange the order of the given words, For this type of questions we have to understand the particular process or particular method of which it is talking is the process of RAINFALL  AND AFTER EFFECTS so we have to arrange it step by step  ,

  1. first step is low pressure in the atmosphere so it will be in first the first step
  2. it will be clouds
  3. then raining
  4. after raining there will be a rainbow which is clear
  5. heavy rainfall results in flood 
  6. and due to flood there will be destruction or devastation .so devastation will be the last 

our correct arrangement will be 514263 

we also solve this question by eliminating the options that it is clear that after raining there will be rainbow so 4 will be preceded by 1 and this is given on only option c so our correct answer will be C

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