Question 69

Amit's present age is 5/4 of his age at time of his sister's marriage. If his sister's marriage happened 5 years ago and his father's age was twice of Amit's age at that time, then what is his father's present age (in years)?


Let Amit's age 5 years ago (at his sister's marriage) = $$4x$$ years

Thus, father's age at that time = $$2\times4x=8x$$ years

=> Amit's present age = $$\frac{5}{4}\times4x=5x$$ years

Also, present age = $$4x+5$$

Hence, => $$5x=4x+5$$

=> $$5x-4x=x=5$$

$$\therefore$$ His father's present age = $$8(5)+5=45$$ years

=> Ans - (B)

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