Study the given information carefully to answer the given questions.
Six books A,B, C, D, E and F, each of different thickness, are kept on a table. C is thicker than A, but thinner than E. A is thicker than both B and D. E is not the thickest. The third thinnest book is 9 cm thick and the thickest book is 16 cm thick. (Note the thickness of all the books are in whole numbers.)

Question 67

With respect to the thickness of the given books, If C + F = 27, then A + C = ?


C>A and C<E
A>B and A>D
Also E is not the thickest, hence :-

F>E>C>A> B&D; (order of B and D not known, but both are thinner than A).

Hence, the 2 possible combinations :-
1. F>E>C>A>B>D
2. F>E>C>A>D>B

Also the third thinnest book i.e. A is 9cm. Thickest book i.e. F is 16 cm.

Now according to the question, C+F = 27, Thus C = 11 cm.
A+C = 20cm

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