SSC CGL Tier-2 12th September 2019 English Question 6


In the following passage some words have been deleted. Fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given. Select the most appropriate option for each number.

In a rare show of honesty, a gardener of the irrigation department has handed (1)______ to the police 57 tolas of gold (2)______ by him while working in the (3)______ of the superintending engineer’s bungalow in Raipur. The (4)______in turn has handed over the (5)______ to the Central Excise and Customs Department (6)______investigation. It was in June this year (7)______ Ramdayal found a tiny plastic box, meticulously (8)______ with polythene, buried six inches (9)______ under a Banyan tree, while digging the garden. He (10)______ the box and took it to his house behind the bungalow and was dazzled to find that it contained biscuits, bangles and coins all of gold.

Question 6

Select the most appropriate option to fill in blank No.5.

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