In the following questions, you have two passages with 5 questions in each passage. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
Pidgins are languages that are not, acquired as mother tongue and that are used for a restricted set of communicative functions. They are formed from a mixture of languages and have a limited vocabulary and a simplified grammar. Pidgins serve as a means of communication between speakers of mutually unintelligible languages and may become essential, in multilingual areas. A creole develops from a pidgin when a pidgin becomes the mother tongue of the community. To cope with the consequent expansion of communicative functions the vocabulary is increased and the grammar becomes more complex. Where a Creole and the standard variety of English coexist, as in the Carribbean, there is a continuum from the most extreme form of Creole to the form that is closest to the standard language. Linguists mark off the relative positions on the Creole continuum as the ‘basilect’ (the furthest from the standard language), the ‘mesolect’, and the ‘acrolet’. In such situations, most Creole speakers can vary their speech along the continuum and many are also competent in the standard English of their country.

Question 57

Find out a word in the passage which is opposite in meaning to the word - ‘Simplified’

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