Question 48

The distance between two cities ( M and N) is 350 km. A train starts from city M at 6 a.m. and travels towards city N at 63 kmph. Another train starts from city N at 7 a.m. and travels towards city M at 77 kmph. At what time will the trains meet ?


as it is given that train which starts at M at 6 am has a speed of 63 km/hr So distance covered till 7 am = 63 km

Now the remaining distance between M and N is = 287 km

Now a train also starts from N towards M with a speed of 77 km/hr .

Relative speed = 140 km/hr

Time taken to cover the remaining 287 km is = $$\frac{287}{140}$$ = 2hours 3 min

And hence both trains will meet at 9.03 am

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