Each of the question below consists of a question and two statements are numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions. Read both the statements and -

Question 37

Five letters --- A, E, G, N and R are arranged left to the right according to certain conditions. Which letter is placed third?
I. G is placed second to the right of A. E is to the immediate right of G. There are only two letters between R and G.
II. N is exactly between A and G. Neither A nor G is at the extreme end of the arrangement.


I : G is second to the right of A and E is immediate right of G. => A __ G E.

Now, there are two letters between R and G.

case 1 : R is to the right of G. Then, the arrangement will be => A __ G E __ R. There are 6 letters.

Hence, it is invalid.

case 2 : R is to the left of G. Then, the arrangement will be => R A __ G E.

The missing blank will be N. => R A N G E

$$\therefore$$ The third letter is 'N'.

I alone is sufficient.

II : N is between A & G while they are not at extreme end.

=> A and G will be at 2nd and 4th position and N will be at 3rd.

E.g- __ A N G __ and __ G N A __

II alone is sufficient.

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