In the following passage, some words have been deleted. Read the passage carefully and select the most appropriate option to fill in each blank.

Last week, I made the mistake of revisiting the village where I grew up. It used to be a small, friendly community with two farms and a number of old cottages round the village green. I realised very quickly that although in (1)_______ ways it appears unchanged, in reality hardly anything is the same. All the pretty cottages are there, of course, and both the traditional farm houses. (2)_______, none of the inhabitants are country people. All of them are commuters, who leave early every morning for the nearby town. Neither of the farmhouses are attached to a farm these days; the land (3)_______ and is managed by somebody in an office somewhere who has little interest in the village (4)_______. There are a few new houses but, they have no local character. You can see the same style anywhere in the country. The whole village, (5)_______, has been tidied up so much that it looks no more picturesque than any suburban street.

Question 200

Select the most appropriate option to fill in blank number 5.

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