2017 SSC CGL 18 Aug Shift-2 Question 2

Question 2

Select the related letters from the given alternatives.

MOQ : NLJ :: SUW : ?


Expression = MOQ : NLJ

The pattern followed is that there are as many alphabets to the left of the first letter as there are to the right of the leftmost letter in right hand side.

M is 13th from left end and N is 13th from right end. O is 15th from left end and L is 15th from right end. Finally, Q is 17th from left end and J is 17th from right end in English alphabetical series.

Similarly, for SUW :

Now, S is 19th from left end, thus first letter will be 19th from right end = H

U is 21th from left end, second letter will be 21th from right end = F

W is 23th from left end, third letter will be 23th from right end = D

Thus, missing term = HFD

=> Ans - (D)

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