A passage is given with five questions following it. Read the passage carefully and select the best answer to each question out of the given four alternatives. Keeping employees happy, motivated, and on the payroll is one of the key concerns to businesses these days because it's an open market for top talent. A good employee can walk out of the door today and have a comparable or better job tomorrow. Which brings up a very important question: what would the companies do to keep away that person from even thinking about going to work elsewhere? Gone are the days when the monthly paycheck and two weeks' vacation a year were enough to keep employees happy. Employers must come up with irresistible incentives to keep top talent onboard. The results of a recent survey by Fortune Magazine on why people leave their jobs shows that 30 percent leave for better compensation and benefits, 27 percent for a better career opportunity, 27 percent for new experience, 21 percent are dissatisfied with opportunities at current job, and 16 percent desire to change careers or industries. Money is no longer the only major motivator. So, is this an onsite daycare center for working parents? Paying for all or part of their health insurance? Or offering educational assistance or paying for certification? On an annual ski trip, paid foreign tours, onsite car washes and oil changes? Or free laundry and dry cleaning facilities? Or prized stock options? Well it could be anything as long as it can keep the employees motivated. There are perks other than monetary gains or raise in pay package which can make employees feel happy and satisfied and the feel good factor.

Question 199

What does feel good factor mean with respect to employees?

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