SSC CPO 2 July 2017 Morning Shift Question 198


A passage is given with five questions following it. Read the passage carefully and select the best answer to each question out of the given four alternatives.

Science and religion - the two terms have come to signify a mutual antagonism. The two, it is commonly declared, are poles apart; their spheres of activity and their methods differ widely, so much so that they are considered to be irreconcilable.
On the face of it, science and religion appear to be the two opposite poles of man's consciousness. Science is basically concerned with the material world; its efforts are directed towards unraveling the “how” of reality while religion is concerned with the “why” of reality. Science deals with analyzing tangible entities into its minutest parts, and then arrives at conclusions about the way in which tangible realities are organized. While science is analytical, religion takes the ultimate reality for granted. Religion follows the metaphysical path; the concept of God is ultimately a matter of faith and it is this faith which is the basis of the religious man's attribution of a design or meaning for the reality.
The modes of action are different in science and religion. Science relies on experiment, whereas religion is based on experience. Any religious experience, whether it is Christ's or Ramakrishna's, is personal and subjective. Science, on the other hand, is marked by objectivity. Theory has to be corroborated by tangible proof. Science benefits mankind by providing material comforts. The frontiers of science do not end in knowledge but are extended to the formation of appliances for actual use. Science, it has been somewhat unfairly charged, cultivates the materialistic thinking. However, it has to be admitted that the mental attitude promoted by
religion is entirely different, while the basis of scientific progress is unbridled curiosity and courageous endeavour, the truly religious spirit cavils at such presumption that man's mind can penetrate the mysteries of the universe. Science promotes fearless inquiry while an essential ingredient of religion is the humility born of fear of God. Science incorporates a love of experimental knowledge, while religion does not believe in the rational approach.

Question 198

According to the passage which of the following statement is INCORRECT?

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