Read the following passage and answer questions

Each of us has locked within us all that is necessary to achieve wealth and greatness. It's merely a matter of learning to use these hidden assets, of investing them so to speak, so we can cash in on them. The tragic thing is that so many go through life without ever putting them to use. Sometimes, trouble and adversity is necessa1y to make people use their resourcefulness and brain power to achieve success. A book keeper lost his job as Christmas was approaching. He had no money to buy his 10 year old son a gift. Instead of merely despairing, he went to work making the boy a gift. Using two wheels from a discarded baby carriage a few pieces of lumbar from the basement, and some bright red paint he constructed a toy that captured the attention of the entire neighbourhood. Other children wanted similar toys. The demand grew so fast that the unemployed book keeper turned his basement into a factory, then moved his production to a real industrial plant. The toy the book keeper designed was called the 'Scooter'. Have you searched carefully for any 'hidden' resources you've overlooked simply because they  weren't in some form you could bank immediately? Have you some plan or idea which might prove of great value if you brought it into the open and put it to use? Somewhere you have unused assets. Put them to work for you and make yourself financially independent.

Question 193

How did the book keeper manage to give his son a gift?

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