Read the following passage and answer questions

Most managers don’t do things in the order of priority that they have rationally selected. They do things according to feelings. That’s how their day is run. Professional managers fall into two categories. There are doers and there are feelers. Doers do what needs to be done to reach a goal that they themselves have set. They come to work having planned out what needs to be done. Feelers. on the other hand. do what they feel like doing. Feelers take their emotional temperature throughout the day. checking in on themselves, figuring out what they feel like doing right now. Their lives, their outcomes, their financial security are all dictated by the fluctuation of their feelings. Their feelings will change constantly. of course, so it’s hard for a feeler to follow anything through to a successful conclusion. By contrast. a doer has high self-esteem. A doer enjoys many satisfactions throughout the day. even though some of them were preceded by discomfort. A feeler is almost always comfortable, but never really satisfied. A doer experiences more and more power every year of his life. A feeler feels less and less powerful as the years go on.

Question 192

Who is a ‘feeler’?

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