Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow.

I was a chef in the Taj banquet kitchen when the gunshots started that night. Initially, the news was that it was an internal gang war in a neighbourhood nearby and that it would die down soon. It was only at about 10.30 or 11 p.m. that we understood the magnitude of what was going on. We were seven chefs in the kitchen that night, not one of whom left the Taj despite knowing all exit points. By then the shootout had happened at the Wasabi restaurant and all those who had survived were pouring into the banquet hall and kitchen where we were working.

As soon as we had heard about the shootout, we had prepared sandwiches for our surviving guests which we then handed out. After this, we entered the corridor to escort our guests out of the hotel through the back entrance. We had successfully helped a few guests when I saw the left profile of a terrorist in a red cap, who began shooting. I was standing next to a refrigerator, when my head chef and his assistant chef both got shot. There was chaos, panic and fear as our guests started running everywhere — but by then they had opened fire in all directions.

All of a sudden, everything went quiet and that silence was the worst. I tried looking around for survivors, but it was just me. I stayed there for a few hours, until I realised that no help would be coming anytime soon. I looked at the refrigerator where I’d been only a while ago and it had 3 bullet holes in it — I’d narrowly escaped death, but it was horrifying to see that my guests and colleagues hadn't been as lucky. I won't look back on that day as just a terrorist attack, but a day when many brave individuals looked death in the eye to help others.

Question 191

By saying that many ‘looked death in the eye’ the narrator means they:

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