Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow.

I was on a visit to Calcutta. It was Saturday and I was staying for the weekend at my cousin's. That evening my cousin, who works in a firm, had to fly to Delhi for a meeting. So, his wife drove him to the airport and I accompanied them. On our way back from the airport we stopped by a lake. My cousin's wife said, “Let me show you where we spend some of our evenings.” She locked the car and we began to walk towards the lake. There was a small bridge to cross and she led the way. Three young men were coming from the other end of the bridge. As they approached us, one of them said to me, “Can I have a match?” As I put my hand into my pocket for the match box, I heard a cry of alarm. And then I saw what was happening.

One of the other two men had snatched the handbag from my cousin's wife and passed it on the man next to him. He in turn passed it to the third man and all three started running back to where they had come from. My cousin’s wife kept shouting and hurling abuses at them but made no attempt to follow them to retrieve her bag. I wanted to chase them but she stopped me saying that such rogues could be armed and dangerous. As it was dark, the three men were soon out of sight. I felt sorry for not being of any help but my cousin’s wife assured me that there was no money or valuables in the bag. She had just kept a couples of apples and a packet of biscuits in the handbag in case I felt hungry.

Question 189

Which of the following statements is NOT true?

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