Question 184

If ‘+’ stands for ‘multiplication’ ‘<’ stands for ‘division’, ‘$$\div$$’ stands for ‘subtraction’, ‘-’ stands for ‘addition’ and ‘$$\times$$’ stands for ‘greater than’, identify which expression is correct.


(A) : $$20-4\div4+8<2\times26$$ $$\equiv$$ $$20+4-4\times8\div2>26$$ 

L.H.S = $$24-32\div2=8$$ which is not greater than R.H.S

(B) : $$20\times8+15<5\div9-8$$ $$\equiv$$ $$20>8\times15\div5-9+8$$

R.H.S = $$8\times3-1=23$$ which is not less than L.H.S.

(C) : $$20<2+10\div4-6\times100$$ $$\equiv$$ $$20\div2\times10-4+6>100$$

L.H.S. = $$10\times10+2=102$$ which is greater than R.H.S

=> Ans - (C)

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