Rearrange the following sentence (A),(B),(C),(D),(E) and (F) to make a meaningful paragraph and then answer the question which follow :
(A)According to it organised retail stores are not wolves at the doors of friendly neighbourhood grocery stores as there is room for expansion of both.
(B) Many have been crying foul over the entry of organised retail stores expressing concern over their impact on small store owners.
(C)The final winner in the competition however is the common man who gets to choose between the most suitable options and in turn fights with the runway inflation in prices of essential commodities
(D)In spite of this potential for expansion it is doubtless that the small store owners face a decline in profit in initial years if organised retailers set up stores in the vicinity
(E)But a study conducted over a period of two years goes a long way towards allaying these fears
(F)This impact however wears off once they learn to take on the competition which in turn enhances efficiency all around

Question 177

Which of the following sentence should be the THIRD after rearrangement ?


Option B introduces the topic in discussion i.e. the entry of organised retail stores and its impact. So, B is the first sentence. Option E talks about the allaying of fears talked about in option B and introduces a study while doing so. So, sentence E follows B. Sentence A talks in detail about the study mentioned in sentence E and thus follows it. Sentence D gives us further information about the potential expansion and how small store owners will get affected with entry of organised retail coming in the market. So sentence D follows A. Sentence F further talks about the impact on small stores continuing the idea in sentence D. Sentence C completes the paragraph by stating that common man is the final winner having options available to him. So the sequence is B-E-A-D-F-C.

Thus, the third sentence should be A.

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