2016 SSC CGL 10 Sep Tier-1

Question 17

Johnson left for his office in his car. He drove 15km towards North and then 10km towards West. He then turned to the South and covered 5km. Further he turned to East & moved 8km. Finally he turned right and moved 10km. How far & in which direction is he from his starting point?


Let Johnson started from point A, he drove north for 15 km and reached point B, then he turned west and drove for 10 km to reach C. He then turned South and reach D after driving for 5 km, then he turned east and drove for 8 km and finally stopped at point F.

Thus, AF = 10 - 8 = 2 km

$$\therefore$$ He is 2 km to the west of his starting point.

=> Ans - (A)

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