SSC CPO 12th Dec 2019 Shift-1 Question 17

Question 17

In a certain code language, ‘MACHINE’ is written as ‘N5XS3M4’. How will ‘PREDICT’ be written as in that language?


We know that Vowel  A E I O U and its represent Right side position of the vowel

A E I O U =  A(5) E (4) I (3) O(2) U (1)

M A C H I N E  is written N 5 X S 3 M 4 

then the vowel represents Number and consonant represent the opposite alphabet

therefore P R E D I C T = K I 4 W 3 X G ( where  P opposite  K, R opposite I, D opposite W, C opposite X, T opposite  G )

Ans=  K I 4 W 3 X G 

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