Consider the following information.

In a hostel there are 220 students. Out of them 105 read newspaper A, 90 read newspaper B, 75 read newspaper C. 35 read both A and B. 20 read both A and C, 23 read bath B and C and 9 read all three newspapers. Then

Question 145

Number of students who read exactly two newspapers Is


After plotting the 3-circle Venn diagram, we get :

People who read only A: 59
People who read only B: 41
People who read only C: 41

People who read only A&B: 26
People who read only B&C: 14
People who read only A&C: 11

People who read all 3: 9
People who read none of the 3: 27

Hence, number of people who read exactly 2 newspapers = 26+11+14 = 51

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