SSC CHSL 10 Jan 2017 Afternoon Shift Question 14

Question 14

The average of the ages of Rajan and his son is 20. If Rajan's present age is three times the age of his son, then what will be the age of Rajan 5 years from now?


Let Rajan's son's present age = $$x$$ years

=> Rajan's age = $$3x$$ years

According to ques, average ages = $$\frac{(x+3x)}{2}=20$$

=> $$4x=20\times2=40$$

=> $$x=\frac{40}{4}=10$$

$$\therefore$$ Rajan's age 5 years from now = $$3(10)+5=35$$ years

=> Ans - (C)

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