Question 13

Abhijeet leaves his house and moves 30 m in the North-West direction. Then, he goes 30 m in the South-West direction. Next, he moves 30 m in the South-East direction. Then, he moves 30 m in the North-East direction. How far away is he from his house?


Point A is the home of abhijeet, he moves 30 m in north west direction from point A and reaches point B, from point B he again moves 30 m in south west direction top reach point C, then he moves 30 m in south-east direction to reach point D, and finally he moves 30 m in north-east direction to return back to point A.

therefore the distance between abhijeet's home to the end point is 0.

This is a direct explanation. Take step by step. Like he moved 30m north west. So represent it in the figure 1.

Then 30m south west. Represent it in figure 2 combining figure 1 and likewise.

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