Question 110

$$(x^3 - y^6)(x^3 + y^6)$$ is equal to


Given : $$(x^3 - y^6)(x^3 - y^6)$$

As we know, 

$$a^x\times\ a^y=a^{\left(x+y\right)}$$

Lets solve it : 

$$=\left(x^3\times\ x^3\right)+\left(x^3\times\ y^6\right)-\left(y^6\times\ x^3\right)-\left(y^6\times\ y^6\right)$$

$$=\left(x^6\right)+\left(x^3\times\ y^6\right)-\left(y^6\times\ x^3\right)-\left(y^{12}\right)$$


Hence, Option D is correct. 

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