Modern biotechnology especially the creation of genetically modified crops is often presented as a magic solution or universal panacea for the problems of poverty inadequate nutrition across the world Conversely there are people who present the picture of tech generated monsters and major human health hazards being created by science Many of the technological changes currently in the process of being utilised in agriculture can have unforeseen consequences and their safety and future viability are far from secure
The reality as always is far more complex than either of these two extremes Even today the total food production in the world is adequate to feed the hungry of the world the problem is rather one of unequal distribution which deprives a large part of the population of even their minimal nutritional requirements Similarly farmers especially in developing countries face many problems such as lack of infrastructure , poor or unstable market access volatile input and output prices etc that biotechnology does not address much less solve
It is true that transgenic plants can offer a range of benefits which area above and beyond those which emerged from more traditional innovations in cultivation It is suggested that such new technology offers more effective pest resistance of seeds and crops through genetic control mechanisms which also reduces the need for pesticide use and leads to improved yield A basic question of course is whether the new Gm technology is safe and whether this is absolutely crucial since the effects may only be known much later The jury is still very much out on this matter and the controversy does not appear to be resolved quickly
The trouble is that most governments in developing countries have relatively low food and beverage regulatory standards and public system for monitoring and surveillance of such item are poor or non-existent. This leaves them open for entry and even dumping of a range of agricultural products of the new technology Which may into pass regulatory standards in the more developed countries.

Question 11

Which of the following is true in the context of the passage ?


Author says that genetically modified crops have advantages and disadvantages.
But it is a fact that they have better yield than the traditional or conventional crops.
Only the statement C states a fact while others are wrong conclusions.

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