Question 105

Two persons A and B start a business with investments of Rs. 24000 and Rs.28000 respectively. After 4 months C also joined them with certain investment. Total profit at the end of the year was Rs. 19950. C’s share in profit was Rs. 7600. What was the C’s investment in the business ?


let the investment of C in business be Rs Y

As it is mentioned that A and B remain invested for whole year and have contributions Rs 24000 and Rs 28000 respectively. and C joined them only for 8 months in a years so the Profit will divide in ratio = A:B:C = (24000x12) : (28000x12) : (Yx8)

profit at year end = Rs 19950

and C's share = $$\frac{Y}{78000+Y} x 19950= 7600$$

Y = 29718 + 0.381 Y

Y = 48009 ~ Rs 48000

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