In the following questions, two columns are given containing three sentences/phrases each. In the first column, sentences/phrases are A, B and C and in the second column, the sentences/phrases are D, E and F. A sentence/phrase from the first column may or may not connect with another sentence/phrase from the second column to make a grammatically and contextually correct sentence. Each question has five options, four of which display the sequence(s) in which the sentences/phrases can be joined to form a grammatically and contextually correct sentence. Select the option that contains the correct sequence in which the phrases can be joined together to form a grammatically correct sentence. If none of the options given forms a correct sentence after combination, mark (e), i.e.“None of these” as your answer and if all the options given form a correct sentence, mark ‘All of these’ as your answer.

Question 100


None of the given pairs form a logical sentence. Therefore, option E is the right answer.

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