2005 SSC Section Officer Audit


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

What is the element Required for Solar Energy Conversion ?

Question 22

On What basis has representation been Accorded to state in Rajya Sabha ?

Question 23

Which ‘’ writ of the High Court or the Supreme Court is sought to produce in court a Person ,suspected to be missing/In custody ?

Question 24

What is the Motto Inscribed Under our National Emblem ?

Question 25

A person Wants to visit the national park Ranthambore ,Gir, and Bandipur, located in three different states of India.To which one of the Following states he need to go ?

Question 26

Where are the saltora Ranges located ?

Question 27

Sardar Sarovar Dam located in the is being built on the River ?

Question 28

Which of the following types of erosions is responsible for the formation of the Chambal Ravines ?

Question 29

Which town /city in India has got a tower named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah ?

Question 30

 Eminent Persons                Activity
 Thomas L Fried Man      1  Literature
 Zubin Mehta                    2 Journalism
 Isamt Chaughal               3 Painting
 Jamini Roy                       4 Music 

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