SSC MTS 21 September 2017 Shift 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Our solar system consists of how many planets?

Question 82

Which is the highest mountain peak on Earth?

Question 83

If the stomach did not produce any hydrochloric acid, which enzyme will not function?

Question 84

Smaller roots coming out of main root is called as _____.

Question 85

Both erythrocytes and leucocytes are formed in the _____.

Question 86

Electricians use rubber gloves while working because

Question 87

If a pendulum is allowed to oscillate in vacuum, its time period will _____.

Question 88

Which format of email address is correct?

Question 89

The atomic number of an element is determined by _____.

Question 90

The number of electrons in the outer shell of the most stable or inert atoms is _____.

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