SSC MTS 16th August 2019 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

If the radius of a cylinder is doubled and the height is reduced by 50%, then by how much percent does the volume increase/decrease?

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Question 72

A company bought a machine for ₹40000 and spent ₹10000 on its repairs. After some time, the machine was sold for ₹45000. How much discount was offered?

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Question 73

An item was sold for ₹500. If the selling price was 10% less, then the profit would have been 12.5%. What is the cost price of the item?

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Question 74

How much time will it take a principal of ₹640 to yield ₹768 as an amount at 2.5% simple interest per annum?

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Question 75

If $$(28 \div 4 \times 7) + (44 \div 4 \times 7) - (12 \times x) = 18$$, then the value of $$x$$ is:

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Question 76

If RBI raise repo rate, what is its likely impact on Indian economy?

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Question 77

Which of the following monetary tools is used by the RBI to control the inflation?

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Question 78

Name the Indian-origin scientist who got Canada's highest civilian award - The Order of Canada - for his three decades of pioneering research on workplace injury and the spine.

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Question 79

In physics, what is the Hubble Constant?

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Question 80

What fraction of a rupee is one anna, which was a part of the old currency system of India?

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