SSC JE Electrical Engineering 25th May 2014 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

The domestic load that has UPF is

Question 192

An industrial consumer has a daily load pattern of 2000 kW, 0.8 lag for 12 hours and 1000 kW UPF for 12 hours. The load factor is

Question 193

Dielectric loss is proportional to

Question 194

Which of the following applications needs frequent starting and stopping of electric motor ?

Question 195

In a CE (common emitter) transistor, $$V_{cc}=12V$$ and the zero signal collector current is 1 mA. Determine the operating point when collector load $$(R_{C})$$ is $$6 kΩ$$

Question 196

An AC supply of 230 V is applied to half wave rectifier through transformer of turns ratio 10 : 1 as shown in figure. Determine the peak inverse voltage across the diode

Question 197

The potential barrier existing across pn junction

Question 198

The technique of adding a precise amount time between the trigger point and beginning of the scope sweep in a CRO is known as

Question 199

In a CRO, a sinusoidal waveform of a certain frequency is displayed. The value of the quantity that can be made out by observation is

Question 200

In a cathode Ray Tube, the focussing anode is located

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