SSC JE Electrical Engineering 25th May 2014 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

Which of the following types of wiring preferred for workshop lighting ?

Question 182

The earthing electrodes should be placed within what distance in meters from the building whose installation system is being earthed ?

Question 183

Supplier's fuse, which is provided in domestic wiring system is

Question 184

As per recommendation of ISI, the maximum number of points of lights, fans and socket outlets that can be connected in one sub-circuit is

Question 185

In a 3-pin plug

Question 186

The acceptable value of grounding resistance to domestic application is

Question 187

Inside the earths pit, the earthing electrode should be placed

Question 188

To reduce the cost of the electricity generated

Question 189

The colour of the light given out by a sodium vapour discharge lamp is

Question 190

The transformer used in a welding set is

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