SSC JE Electrical Engineering 25th May 2014 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

A capacitor with no initial charge at $$t = \infty$$ acts

Question 182

Danger 440 V plates are

Question 183

Find $$R_3$$ for the circuit shown in figure

Question 184

The purpose of choke in a fluorescent tube is to

Question 185

A 3-phase 4 pole induction motor works on 3-phase 50 Hz supply. If the slip of the motor is 4%. The actual speed will be

Question 186

As per IE rules the permissible variation of voltage at the consumer end is

Question 187

In which single-phase motor, the rotor has no teeth or winding

Question 188

Two DC series motors connected in serries draw current I from supply and run at speed N. When the same two motors are connected in parallel taking current I from the supply, the speed of each motor will be

Question 189

Using Millman’s theorem, find the current through the load resistance $$R_L$$ of 3 Ω resistance shown below

Question 190

An ideal votlage source should be

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