SSC JE Electrical Engineering 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 161

In general, if a sine wave is fed into a Schmitt trigger, the output will be

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Question 162

In the given circuit the function of the diode D is

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Question 163

FET are

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Question 164

In the circuit forward resistance of the diode D is 2 Ω and its reverse resistance is infinitely high

A list consists of meters (List-I) and another list shows, the meter readings (Lis-II)

Which one of the options given here is correct to indicate the type of meter (List-I) and its reading (List-II)

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Question 165

In the figure. D in an ideal diode. If the rms value of the input voltage is 50V, then the rms current through 100 Ω is

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Question 166

Which of the following materials is a semiconductor?

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Question 167

In a rectifier circuit, the primary function of the filter is to

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Question 168

In an R-L series circuit R = 20 Ω, L = 0.056 H and the supply frequency in f = 50 Hz. The magnitude of impedance of the circuit is

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Question 169

A pure sinusoidal current is being rectified. For the given maximum value of sinusoidal current if rms value of half wave rectified current is 50 A, then the rms value of full wave rectification will be

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Question 170

Under thermal equilibrium in a pure semiconductor the ratio of the number of holes to the number of conduction electrons is

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