SSC JE Civil Engineering 24th Jan 2018 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 361

A circular slab subjected to external loading, deflects to form:

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Question 362

For normal cases, stiffness of a simply supported beam is satisfied if the ratio of its span to its overall depth does not exceed

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Question 363

If the length of a wall on either side of a lintel opening is at least half of its effective span L, the load W carried by the lintel is equivalent to the weight of brick work contained in an equilateral triangle, producing a maximum bending moment
A] $$\frac{WL}{2}$$
B] $$\frac{WL}{4}$$
C] $$\frac{WL}{6}$$
D] $$\frac{WL}{8}$$
E] $$\frac{WL}{12}$$

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Question 364

The maximum diameter of a bar used in a ribbed slab is

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Question 365

A foundation is called shallow if its depth is

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Question 366

If P kg /m$$^2$$ is the upward pressure on the slab of a plain concrete footing whose projection on either side of the wall is a cm. the depth of foundation D is given by
A] $$D = 0.00775 a\sqrt{P}$$
B] $$D = 0.0775 a\sqrt{P}$$
C] $$D = 0.775 P\sqrt{a}$$

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Question 367

Which of the following statements is true?

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Question 368

if the length of a combined footing for two columns l meters apart is L and the projection on the left side of the exterior column is x. then the projection y on the right side of the exterior column. in order to have a uniformly distributed load is (Where k is the distance of center of gravity of column loads)
A] $$y = L - (l - x)$$
B] $$y = \frac{L}{2} + (l - x)$$
C] $$y = \frac{L}{2} - (l + x)$$
D] $$y = \frac{L}{2} - (l - x)$$

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Question 369

Maximum principal stress theory for the failure of a material at elastic limit is known as

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Question 370

The general expression for the B.M. of a beam of length l is $$M = \frac{wl}{2} x - \frac{wx^2}{2}$$, the beam carries

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