SSC CPO 11th Dec 2019 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Four letter-cluster have been given out of which three are alike in some manner, while one is different. Choose the odd one.

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Question 2

Select the figure that will come next in the following figure series.

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Question 3

Select the word from the given options that is similar to the given words and hence belong to the same group.
Squeak : Quack : Cackle

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Question 4

Which of the option figures is the exact mirror image of the given problem figure when the mirror is held to the right side of the problem figure?

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Question 5

Richa starts walking from her home and walks 50 m towards west and then turns left and walks 90 m. Then she again turns left and walks 30 m. After that she again turns left and goes 120 m. She finally turns right and and walks 20 m and reaches her final destination. How far is she from her home now and in which direction with reference to her home?

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Question 6

Select the option that is related to the fourth term in the same way as the first is related to the second term.

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Question 7

The sequence of folding a piece of paper and the manner in which the folded paper has been cut is shown in the following figures. How would this paper look when unfolded?

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Question 8

Select the option that is related to the third term in the same way as the second term is related to the first term.
Bricks : House :: Twigs : ?

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Question 9

Select the option in which the numbers share the same relationship as that shared by the given pair of numbers.
72 : 108

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Question 10

The two given expressions on either side of the ‘=’ sign will have the same value if two numbers on either side or on the same side are interchanged. Find from the given option the correct numbers to be interchanged.
$$4 + 6 \times 2 - 27 \div 3 = 8 \times 2 - 4 + 9 \div 3$$

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