SSC CPO 10th Nov 2022 Shift 3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Select the figure from among the given options that can replace the question mark (?) in the following series.

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Question 2

Which of the following numbers will replace the question mark (?) and complete the given number series?
35, 36, 39, 48, ?

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Question 3

If M denotes โ€˜-โ€™, N denotes โ€˜$$\div$$โ€™, O denotes โ€˜$$\times$$โ€™, and P denotes โ€˜+โ€™, then what will come in place of โ€˜?โ€™ in the following equation?
185 N 5 P 62 M 32 O 4 P 32 = ?

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Question 4

Select the option that represents the letters that when placed from left to right in the blanks below will complete the letter series.

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Question 5

If A denotes โ€˜+โ€™, B denotes โ€˜$$\times$$โ€™, C denotes โ€˜-โ€™, and D denotes โ€˜$$\div$$โ€™, then what will come in place of โ€˜?โ€™ in the following equation?
(51 D 17) A (21 B 9) C 78 A (16 D 4) = ?

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Question 6

Select the option in which the given figure is embedded (rotation is NOT allowed).

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Question 7

Eight children, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, and W are seated around a square dining table, all facing towards the centre. Some of them are sitting at the corners while some are sitting at the exact centre of the sides of the table. V is seated at a corner and R is seated at the middle of one of the sides. S is an immediate neighbour of R. Q is seated third to the right of V. There are exactly two children sitting between Q and S. T is an immediate neighbour of both V and P. W is seated second to the left of S. If U is not an immediate neighbour of V, where is R seated?

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Question 8

Select the set in which the numbers are related in the same way as are the numbers of the following sets.
(NOTE : Operations should be performed on the whole numbers, without breaking down the numbers into its constituent digits. E.g. 13- Operations on 13 such as adding /subtracting /multiplying etc. to 13 can be performed. Breaking down 13 into 1 and 3 and then performing mathematical operations on 1 and 3 is not allowed.)
(7, 13, 10)
(15, 21, 18)

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Question 9

Two positions of the same cubical block are shown. When one of the faces W is at the top, which face will be at the bottom?

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Question 10

Select the correct mirror image of the given figure when the mirror is placed at line MN as shown.

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