SSC CHSL 13 March 2018 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

As per the structure and origin, the Highlands of Meghalaya is part of which of the following?

Question 82

What was Lord Mahavira's name prior to acquiring the Knowledge?

Question 83

Under the Indus water Treaty, India has not been given the exclusive right over which of the following rivers?

Question 84

Who was awarded the 2018 Padama Bhushan Award in the field of Art-Music?

Question 85

How many background colours there are in Bhutan’s national flag?

Question 86

Match the following items of column (A) to items of column (8).

Question 87

Which of the following fuel has maximum calorific value?

Question 88

Election Commission is not concerned with which of the following elections?

Question 89

The Attorney General of India is appointed by whom?

Question 90

Which plant tissue is also known as growing tissue?

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