SSC CHSL 13 March 2018 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Match the following.

Question 92

Who launched ’National Biopharma mission' named ’i3' in June, 2017?

Question 93

California based private spaceflight company Space X has launched which secret mission for United States government?

Question 94

In December 2017, SEBI tightened rating agency norms. The net worth requirement for rating agencies has now been increased from Rs 5 crore to_______

Question 95

In April 2017, Agriculture Ministry Unveiled Model APMC Act. The new Act proposes to put a Cap on Mandi taxes at what rate (in percent) for food grain?

Question 96

Calculate the pressure (in Pa) if a thrust of 600 N is applied to an area of $$ 24 m^{2}$$.

Question 97

The ratio of change in velocity of a body to the total time taken by it is its_________

Question 98

The greater the difference in _______,the faster the air moves.

Question 99

Which of the statements given below are correct?

A) Viktor Axelsen won the Men's Singles Badminton 2017 BWF World Championships.
8) Max Verstappen won the Formula One 2017 United States Grand Prix.
C) In 2018 IPL auctions, Sunrisers Hyderabad retained David Warner.

Question 100

In Microsoft Word, under paragraph formatting is used to align paragraph on right, left and center.

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