SSC CGL Tier-2-17-February-2018 Maths


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

The average marks of 50 students in an examination was 65. It was later found that the marks of one student had been wrongly entered as 83 instead of 38. The correct average is?

Question 82

In a class of 50 students there are 22 girls who scored an average of 35 marks in the test. What is the average marks of the boys if the class average is 42 marks?

Question 83

The average of 41 consecutive odd numbers is 49. What is the largest number.

Question 84

A batsman scores 87 runs in the $$21^{st}$$ match of his career. His average runs per match increases by 2. What was his average before the $$21^{st}$$ match.

Question 85

Oil equal to 20% of the weight of ground nut is extracted in a mill. The matter left after extraction is sold as cattle feed at the rate of Rs 12.5/kg. The groundnuts are bought at Rs 20/kg. The processing cost is Rs 5/kg. At what price (Rs per kg) should the oil be sold to earn 20% profit on total costs (Total cost = Cost of groundnuts and Processing costs)?

Question 86

If a vendor sells a coconut at Rs 14.4 he makes 10% loss. If he wants to make 25% profit, then at what price (in Rs) should he sell?

Question 87

At a village trade fair a man buys a horse and a camel together for Rs 51,250. He sold the horse at a profit of 25 % and the camel at a loss of 20 %. If he sold both the animals at the same price, then the cost price of the cheaper animal was Rs ____________.

Question 88

On a certain item profit is 150%. If the cost price increases by 25% what will be the new profit margin (in %)?

Question 89

40% are the passing marks. A student gets 250 marks yet fails by 38 marks. What is the maximum marks?

Question 90

Ravi is 12 years younger than Surya. Ravi's age is 40% of the sum of his and Surya's age. What will be Surya's age 9 years hence?

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