SSC CGL Tier-2-17-February-2018 Maths


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

5% of a = b, then b% of 20 is the same as __________.

Question 92

A man's annual income has increased by Rs 5 lakhs but the tax on income that he has to pay has reduced from 12% to 10%. He now pays Rs 10,000 more income tax. What is his increased income (in Rs lakhs)?

Question 93

A racing car going at an average speed of 108 km/hr takes 15 minutes to complete a lap on a racing track. By how much should it increase its speed (in km/hr) to complete the lap in 12 minutes?

Question 94

Train A takes 45 minutes more than train B to travel a distance of 450 km. Due to engine trouble speed of train B falls by a quarter, so it takes 30 minutes more than Train A to complete the same journey. What is the speed of Train A (in km/hr)?

Question 95

Two cars A and B travel from one city to another, at speeds of 72 km/hr and 90 km/hr respectively. If car B takes 1 hour lesser than car A for the journey, then what is the distance (in km) between the two cities?

Question 96

B starts 4 minutes after A from the same point, for a place at a distance of 7 miles from the starting point. A on reaching the destination turns back and walks a mile where he meets B. If A's speed is a mile in 8 minutes then B's speed is a mile in ____ minutes.

Question 97

If the amount on a certain principal in 3 years at 12% rate of interest compounded annually is Rs 12,000, what will be the amount (in Rs) after the $$4^{th}$$ year?

Question 98

The amount (in Rs) received at 10% per annum compound interest after 3 yrs is Rs 1,19,790. What was the principal?

Question 99

In how many months will Rs 8,000 yield Rs 2,648 as compound interest at 20% per annum compounded semi-annually?

Question 100

What is the rate of interest (in %) if simple interest earned on a certain sum for the 3rd year is Rs 2,000 and compound interest earned in 2 years is Rs 4,160?

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