2016 SSC CGL 06 Sep Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

If 4/5th of a number exceeds its 3/4th by 8. then the number is :

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Question 2

The rate of discount being given on a shirt,where selling price is Rs. 546 after deducting a discount of Rs. 109 on its marked price, is

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Question 3

If the ratio of two numbers is 1:5 and their product is 320, then the difference between the squares of these two numbers is

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Question 4

Numbers of boys and girls are 'x' and 'y' respectively ; average ages of a girl and a boy are 'a' years and 'b' years respectively. The average age (in years) of all boys and girls.

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Question 5

A man bought 30 defective machines for Rs. 1000. He repaired and sold them @ Rs. 300 per machine. He got profit of Rs. 150 per machine. How much did he spend on repairs ?(in Rupees)

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Question 6

x is 5 times longer than y. The percentage by which y is less than x is :

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Question 7

A motor cycle gives an average of 45 km per litre. If the cost of petrol is Rs. 20/litre. The amount required to complete a journey of 540 km is, (in Rupees)

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Question 8

A sum of money amounts to Rs. 6655 at the rate of 10% compounded annuallly for 3 years. The sum of money is

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Question 9

If $$x^2-4x+1=0$$, then the value of $$\frac{x^6+1}{x^3}$$ is

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Question 10

If $$(a-2)+\frac{1}{(a+2)}=-1$$ then, the value of $$(a-2)^2+\frac{1}{(a+2)^2}=-1$$ is

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