CAT Mock Test 2022 Reviews

Jayesh Upadhyay 

......... i am like that your Answer Solution With Explanation all of the CAT Mock Test Series from that your online into Cracku MBA Coaching Platform Web Portal on there login into CAT 48 Sectional Test with 03 ๐Ÿ†“ Full Length Mock Test and *****Dash CAT 15 Full Length Mock Test . Maruti Sir i say that my request is there to you are uploading to the Dash CAT Full Length Mock Test for Video Solution to all of the 03 ๐Ÿ†“ Mock test Together *****15 Full Length Dash CAT Mock Test analysis will be Mock Test provide is that Video Solution updated to dash board my analysis menu .

Jay Shah 


Rohit Panth 

kuch nhi

Kartik Agrawal 

everthing is awesome but one thing to mention. Add analysis date in the mock schedule so that we can plan mock giving date accordingly.!


Can you pls give toppers some feedback on, how they can improve... as DC-1, I came 1st, but in DC-2, my rank, as well as score, has plummeted... So that, I can score better in next DC...

Prathmesh Bhagwat 

During varc section submission the test stopped. I closed the tab and tried again it started working.

Gautamdev Chakravarty 

Quant was a bit easy

Aman kumar 

I like the analysis graph showing topic wise weakness. Also it good to see the mock attempt video that how was sir/ma'am rxn and approach while solving on the spot.

Saurav Rawat 

very pleased with cracku

19-065 Shubham 

I like the way in which analysis is given

Mohit Borana 

It's one of the best Analysis Interface I have come across. The team deserves an applaud for such a tool. It seems to be formed or designed very meticulously, keeping the right kind of requirement in mind. If used properly it will serve no less than a personal mentor. Just Outstanding!

Kushwaha Chirag 

good to have cracku

Aakash Gill 

I like the organization of the mock test interface and the detailed analysis provided after submission.

Jai raj 

Good one. Tough questions


very good

Prabhat Ranjan 

good platform to learn

Vignesh Sumathy 

With no preparation, I directly took up the mock. The questions were practical and challenging. The quality of questions were moderate and are on the higher end.

Shubhodeep Chakraborty 

Unexpected scores ! VARC is tough !

K. Sravanthi 



Analysis is great! If solutions are provided in layman language then it shall benefit all kind of students.

Thanveer Ali 


Ratnesh Rajput 

Excellent experience๐Ÿ‘Œ


cracku is doing excellent job , keep it up guys

golu singh 

really very taugh test paper and question is moderate level and very useful for cat exame .and i buy test series in next month

Anshika Mishra 

Questions were good and analysis is excellent




thanks for such a detailed review! It was my first mock and i thoroughly enjoyed it

Garimella Balaji 

Is everybody as disastrous as all this? This makes me very positive. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Aryan Jawahar 


Madan kumar K 

good mock for free


makan khod di kasam se kya gajab test tha

Mihir Sharma 

very nice mocks

sourav sehrawat 

love you cracku

Sarup Rajpurohit 

Best for effectively preparation

Sahil Bansal 

Very comprehensive and detailed analysis. Thanks a lot for such an amazing mock-taking experience.

Nikunj Patil 

It was just amazing! The interface and the questions level felt exactly similar to actual CAT exam .

Mohammed Junaid 

Good paper

Pratyaksh Singhal 

I felt that the mock was quite at par with the level of CAT. The analysis and solutions provided were accurate and easy to understand.


pls explain how to make use of this analysis in the best possible way...

Varun Singh 


Ashish Gautam 

Good one



Rohit no-105 

Worth it



Harit Presswala 

Would like if handwriting would be a little more cleaner to read

sahil patel 

kindly increase the font size

Manish Kumar 



Very good mock

Puja roy 

Very nice


Felt DILR level hard

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