CAT 6 Months Preparation Plan, Section-wise Tips & Tricks

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CAT 6 Month Preparation Plan: If you are someone planning to give CAT this year, we understand that there might be self doubt. A lot of people wonder if 6 months is enough time to study, complete the preparation and then ace the exam - we can assure you, it is enough.

The CAT exam curriculum closely mirrors the maths covered in your tenth grade. You only need to review the fundamentals of mathematics and solve practice problems. The challenging aspect of CAT is applying the ideas and how long it takes to solve them. For this reason, practice is crucial. The same is true for VARC; all it takes is consistent practice to answer the questions. Practice is crucial, and 6 months are enough time for practice, you just have to be consistent.

CAT 6 Month Preparation Plan

If you are a premium student of Cracku you will get your schedule everyday via E-mail, so that becomes very helpful. Even if you are not a premium student of Cracku then don't worry, we have a dedicated 6 months day wise study plan for you. If you follow this, and stick to it till the end you will end up well prepared for CAT 2024 exam. So, click on the button below to download PDF and start following it religiously.

If we divide this plan into phases of 2 months each then, it will basically look like this:

Phase 1 - June + July - (Focus on the basics)

This is a very important time period and it would be foolish to not make most out of it. A clarity about the basics is essential in CAT. While there will not be any direct questions, you will be tested on these. The preparation during this time period will help you while revision. This will not let you get confused when you are on syllabus completion and revision mode.

Make it a habit to read every day—whether it's newspapers, magazines, or books. Preferably, online articles from Aeon, Smithsonian, psyche etc. It will enable you to expand the size of your vocabulary and accelerate your reading. Your abilities in the RC and VA sections will therefore both improve. If you are someone who is not very good at comprehension, you can try active reading in this phase. In active reading you basically have to write the summary of each paragraph you read in 1-2 lines and before you jump to the questions, just go through those summaries once. This strategy is very helpful in improving comprehension.

In the DILR section, Start solving sets from the study room preferably typical arrangement sets. One good source to start LRDI preparation is fro CAT previous Papers. You can also start solving basic puzzles and playing sudoku to train your mind to think in a certain manner.

Give your foundation adequate time and fortify it. For QA, while doing Arithmetic, you can also refer books of class 9 and 10th to familiarize yourself with certain concepts if you feel uncomfortable with them.

Phase 2 - August + September - (Complete the Syllabus)

While the syllabus completion will start from June itself, this period will specially be focused on that. Aim to maximize your practice and complete as much syllabus as possible. The syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude is vast. You must spend around 1-2 hours everyday on QA alone. Along with that start giving at least 1 mocks in a week to gauge your preparation.

VARC: is the most scoring portion of the exam. For this section, all you have to do is read around 7,000 words per day at a strech. This is so you can get into a habit. You can improve your confidence for the real CAT exam and enhance your mastery of the section by practising a significant number of RC questions each day. By this time you should start giving sectional tests to make a strategy for this section.

DILR: practice is key. You need to solve over 300 sets in DILR. Candidates should often take practice exams to assess their accuracy and speed when attempting the DILR portion. Therefore, candidates should attempt one topic-wise mock for DILR at least 1-2 times a week, much like in the VARC section. The precision and quickness with which you react to questions are key components of the DILR section. To improve accuracy and speed, go over the syllabus and practise questions frequently, especially DILR Previous year questions.

QA: Finding and keeping in mind shortcuts to get at the final solution will facilitate quicker computations and enable you to go swiftly from one inquiry to the next. In this phase try to make good use of sectional tests to set a strategy for the real CAT. Examine your ability to answer questions correctly, the number of questions you can answer, and your areas of weakness while administering mock exams.

Phase 3 - October + November - (Revision and Mocks)

Revisit every single topic. Revise all the notes that you have made. Give enough mocks during this time period, it is recommended that you give at least 2 mocks during this period. It is advised that you continue giving mocks (1-2 mocks per week) while preparing for the exam right from the start.

This is the last phase of your preparation, it is very normal for the students to feel burned out and stressed. You may feel roller coaster of emotions due to various reasons such as low mock score, low percentile etc. During all this you have to keep yourself motivated and try to find the reasons behind the low scores. It is very likely possible that you are loosing marks in silly mistakes. So, analyze the mock properly, it is advisable to spend more time on analyzing mock than to write mock. Remember, more important than writing mocks is the mock analysis. Ensure that you spend more time on analysis than you do on the actual mock. Try not to solve mocks on the day before exam and relax a bit.


Cracku for CAT Preparation

Cracku has been in the CAT-cracking industry for a while now and has successfully proved its mettle. What is essential when preparing for the CAT is the kind of guidance that you get. CAT preparation is not just about completion of syllabus. It is about right guidance from the CAT toppers and learning how to make a fool proof strategy for the real CAT.

You have to combine your practice with the correct mentorship. Cracku does exactly that. This is why in 2022, over 230 Cracku Students scored 99%ile and 125 students scored more than 99.5%ile. (Verified Data)

There are Daily Challenges and you compete with thousands of students across India, you get guidance from the Founders who themselves are CAT toppers - Maruti Sir who has scored 100%ile 4 times in CAT! and Sayali Ma'am who has scored 99.97 in CAT twice. Both are IIM-A alumni. You get quick doubt solving by experts, over 1000 videos for syllabus completion and building concepts, over 18,000+ CAT questions with detailed solutions!

CAT Free Resources

If you are a student who is looking for free resources -

  1. You can check out 3 Free Mocks and Analysis given here.
  2. If you are a student who is focused enough and wants to revise certain topics, we have added a list of topic-wise CAT past year questions(PYQs) here.
  3. Having completed your syllabus and wish to see where you stand? Check out past year questions papers here.
  4. You can also check out the daily schedule provided by Cracku to help you structure your preparation. The topics provided are related in nature - not only do you complete the syllabus faster, you get more practice and greater understanding.

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