Mixtures and Alligations Formulas CAT PDF

    mixtures and alligations formulas and concepts cat pdf
    mixtures and alligations formulas and concepts cat pdf

    The topic mixtures and alligations is basically an application of averages concept in CAT. The theory in this topic is less and students should be comfortable with the some basic formulas and concepts.This pdf covers all the important formulas and concepts related to mixtures and alligations. For more practice take a free mock test for CAT.

    Download and Practice from Mixtures and Allegations Questions CAT PDF.

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    Outline of things covered in this mixtures and alligations CAT  formulas pdf

    • Definition of mixture
    • Types of mixtures
    • Weighted average
    • Mixtures rule/formula of two quantities
    • Alligation rule of cheaper and dearer
    • Quantity of substance in the final mixture
    • Withdrawal and replacement of liquid performed n times
    • Some other mixtures and alligations CAT tricks, formulas and concepts

    For other formulas please refer to CAT formulas pdf. The best way to learn this concept is trying to solve more problems on CAT on this topic. Please subscribe to our blog to receive important updates related to CAT exam.

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