Study the given information carefully to answer the given questions.
Point E is 16 m to the south of Point C. Point F is 4 m to the west of Point E. Point H is 5 m to the south of Point F. Point J is 12 m to the east of Point H. Point Y is 27 m to the east of Point F. A person walks 15 m from Point Y towards west, reaches Point Z, takes a left turn and reaches Point J.

Question 98

What is the difference of the distance between the points Z, J and points Y, F ?


Y is 27m to the east of point F. When one walks 15m to the west from point Y, he reaches Z.

=> Z is 12m to the east of point F and 8m to the east of point E.

Distance between F and H is 5m which is also equal to the distance between Z and J.

Based on the above conditions, these points when plotted on a graph will be :

The numbers in the brackets is the distance between any two points.

Distance between Z & J = 5

Distance between F & Y = 4+8+15 = 27

Required difference = 27-5 = 22 m

Thus, Ans - (B)

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